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Build a Healthy Routine in Five Easy Steps

Fall is the ideal time to get back into a healthy daily routine. It is so easy to let the adventures of summer get in the way of the structured routines we follow throughout the rest of the year. It is often sad to see the lazy days of summer slowly turn into the long dark days of winter; now is the time to create a plan to get back on track before the holiday parties that will be here soon.

Getting on the right path is as easy as following these five steps:

  1. Pick Achievable Goals for your Routine: What do you want to achieve? Writing down your healthy goals and reading them often will to help prevent the frustrations of little setbacks and get you back on track to achieve your goals. As you meet a goal add another. Aim for the easily attainable goals first so you don’t get discouraged but keep an eye on what now seems unattainable with time those goals will become possible too.
  1. Schedule a Daily Time to Exercise: If you don’t make time to exercise, it will be too easy to put it off. Make exercise a priority, work your exercise time into your family’s schedule and make sure each family member knows that you will be unavailable during that time.
  1. Plan an Exercise Routine: Include a variety of activities to build your overall strength. Too often people find an activity or exercise that is enjoyable and never work other important muscles. This behavior can cause injuries or less than desirable results.Activities should include stretches, cardiovascular activities to strengthen your heart, weight lifting to build strength, and mobility training such as Yoga or Pilates for flexibility. Your cardio activity should raise your heart rate for about 45 minutes this can be any activity or sport that increases the heart rate. Start out slowly when lifting weights, build your strength over time rather than taking a chance of causing an injury as the result trying to lift more weight than you are capable of lifting. Mobility training can take place after other activities or when it is right for you, just be sure to include it in your routine.
  1. Change your Diet: Eliminate two unhealthy foods from your diet and replace them with two that are healthy choices. A nutritionist can help you make dietary changes if you are unsure how to proceed on your own. Don’t deny yourself all your favorite foods this will set you up for failure, rather make healthy diet choices and within reason treat yourself occasionally with your favorite foods.
  2. Make Rest a Priority: Allow yourself enough time to get 8 hours of sleep per night. Remove all distractions from your bedroom including televisions, tablets, and cell phones. Getting enough sleep every night is important for a healthy body and mind.

 Make these five steps a part of your daily routine to increase your energy and keep your in tip-top shape. Fall is a great time to start a routine that will help prevent that unwanted holiday weight gain.